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Abhinaya yogam, Acting through Yoga
Thinking about becoming a real actor? Or do you want to be successful in castings for theater plays and films? Then you must know that good acting means to know really how to manifest and show a broad range of feelings and experiences. You need to connect with your inner being and be able to get in the skin of the character. And now you will ask how. Even if you didn’t believe so, through yoga, you could achieve those states so much needed for good acting. It permits to enhance your creativity and to become a better person, professionally and in your personal life as well. Let me show you how.

Abhinaya Yoga permits the trainee to become one with the character he wants to create. A real actor will completely cover himself with the traits, style, experiences and feelings of his character. With the help of the concentration technique, you can step out of your own skin and enter the one of your character. On stage, you will be an

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elaborate and complete artist, playing your character entirely, forgetting all about your person, and concentrating on the story and on the feelings you have to project. You will learn to become one with your character, and live the scenic experience through his eyes, delivering a quality acting. It is the difference between fantastic actors, who make history, and the rest of the actors, who do not manage to leave an imprint on the art’s world with his work or performances. So choose to merge with your character, with Abhinaya Yoga, and become a true actor.
Acting through Abhinaya Yoga is a step-by-step program that will help you achieve just that, allowing you to open up your person and be able to express all the needed feelings. It is a systematic and scientific way of learning all about Acting, contributing to your development in this activity area. The technique does not involve physical effort, but more a gradual process to learn how to fusion with the character you have to impersonate and how to Act better. Your concentration will reach such levels that will allow you to play your role flawless in any circumstances. The Abhinaya Yoga technique is far more efficient than any other acting class, as you will begin to see results gradually, from the moment you began your training. Don’t hesitate to take this incredible opportunity that will change your future. You will become a professional and a balanced person, by just taking one step at a time, on a journey that will bring success closer to you.

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  • Posted: April 26, 2015 18:27


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